Iveland municipality is a small , central and rural district in southern Norway. The area measures 260 km2 and has a population of approximately 1300 inhabitants. The municipality is situated only 40 km north of the big city Kristiansand (83.000). Kristiansand has an international airport nearby and has daily ferry connections to Denmark.

Iveland municipality has scattered settlement and has three minor centres: Birketveit, Vatnestrøm and Skaiå. You’ll find the town hall administration at Birketveit. Through a close co-operation between private and national authorities the centre of the municipality has been modernized and is now a pleasant local society with new apartments/houses adapted to big green areas, fishing and swimming spots. A new trade building with a shop, cafè, library and a world famous mineral exhibition was opened in 2014.

In Iveland there are good conditions for people to grow up. We have two primary schools and one secondary school. The municipality has an all-round cultural life with a brass band, a rifle club, an athletic club, an athletic school, a cultural school etc.

The area of Iveland/Evje is internationally well known for its mines and quarries. Large quantities of feldspar and quartz are found here. There is a great deal of rare minerals, like thortveitit (named after Olaus Thortveit from Iveland). To all of you who are interested in geology we would warmly recommend the mineral exhibition in the centre of Birketveit!

If you would like to have more information about Iveland municipality, please contact us on mail postmottak@iveland.kommune.no or telephone 047-37961200